For men who love to travel, a framed love map is a charming Valentine’s Day gift that will remind them of their most special memories. It can also make a beautiful decoration in any home. You can buy this framed love map online or create your own with a few simple supplies.

Etched whiskey glasses are a great DIY Valentine’s Day gift for him since you can write his name, favorite quote or song lyrics on them. To make a set of these personalized glassware, you’ll need clear whiskey glasses, etching cream, a vinyl stencil with the text you want to put on them, transfer tape and a plastic knife.

Customized phone cases are another common and affordable Valentine’s Day gift idea that can be customized with a photo, love poem or a quote. Use his favorite colors and add a photo of the two of you. You can find a wide variety of custom phone cases on Amazon and at local stores.

Heart-shaped dollar bills are an easy and fun way to surprise him on Valentine’s Day. You can even fold a bunch of dollar bills into hearts to make a Valentine’s Day countdown gift. This is especially romantic if you can make it happen in person.

Pop-up picture box with a heart-shaped frame is another thoughtful Valentine’s Day gift for your boyfriend that he will definitely cherish. It’s a perfect place to showcase all of the best photos of the two of you!

A homemade Persian love cake is a sweet and unique Valentine’s Day dessert that your man will love. It features exotic flavors and is easy to make. You’ll need an hour to bake the cake from scratch so plan ahead if you want this treat to be ready in time for V-Day!

An etched wine glass is another romantic gift that’s sure to impress him. You can etch your love name and the date of your wedding on it for an extra special touch. This gift is simple to make and will make your guy feel loved and appreciated.

You can make a simple Valentine’s Day card or gift box by filling it with small items like deluxe chocolates, dried fruit, tea, cookies, or even other little treats that you can mail to his workplace or home. You can also customize the cards with a personal message or cute message about your relationship.

A ticket stub memory box is another sweet and meaningful Valentine’s Day gift that your guy will appreciate. This is a great option for couples who have been together for a while because it’s a fun way to relive all of the experiences that brought them together.

In a digital world, guys can sometimes forget to write letters or handwrite their feelings to the ones they care about. A compiled collection of loving texts, saved voicemail transcripts and other written sentiments is a wonderful way to capture your feelings and share them with him for years to come.

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