Matching braids are a great way to make an outfit pop, or add some texture and dimension to your look. They also add a playful touch to any look, whether you want to wear your hair up or down.

You can even mix and match your braids to create a totally unique look! If you’re feeling creative, try making an ombre braid or adding a couple of different colors in your braids to create a custom ombre blend.

First, you need to set up your braiding loops. This is easy and a good first step for new braiders. For each braid, cut out double-long bicolor loops that are twice as long as you normally would make them (in other words, 3 doubly-long loops for a 6- or 7-loop braid).

Next, you’ll need to fold all the loops in half so that they will all stay connected at the top of your braid. You can use a separate header cord for this, or you can just leave them all free at the top and then sew them into your braid after it’s finished.

When you’re braiding your hair, always start with one section in each hand. This is because it’s easier to control how the hairs are pointing when you do that. It’s also a great way to practice interleaving hairs, which is essential for all braiding styles.

Once you’ve divided the hair into sections, take the section in your right hand and cross it over its neighbor – the one on your left. Repeat this alternating criss cross motion with the two sections on your left. It may seem like a lot of movement, but it’s important to keep tension in all three sections, as the criss crosses can move them a bit, and slack can happen as you go along.

Braiding with Loops & Tails

The most basic type of braid is the French braid. It has one loop on each side of your head, and you can add a small ribbon or silk flower to the end of it for a boho or edgy style. You can also tuck an ornate hair comb into the braid for a more elegant look, especially if you’re wearing your hair down.

Another braid is the A-fell braid. A-fell braids have a loop that comes out of the center of the braid, and all the rest of the loops are linked together around it. If you’re a beginner, it’s a good idea to try the A-fell braid so that you can learn how the loops are going to look when you come out of the bottom of the braid.

You can add a ribbon or silk flower to the end of your A-fell braid, too. This is a good choice for Halloween, as it’s a cute way to add a little color and decoration.

During Halloween, you can dress up your A-fell braid in orange and black ribbons. Or, if you’re attending a school rally or sports event, you can wear a ribbon with your favorite team’s colors.

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