African braids are a form of hair styling that originated from Africa. They are a symbol of African ethnicity and carry a person’s tribal, religious and social identity. There are several different types of African braids, and each type has its own unique look.

The most popular braids are cornrows and box braids. Both are made of three strands of hair that are woven together.

Cornrows are attached to the scalp, while box braids hang on the sides of the head. Both styles require long hair, and they take a lot of time to complete.

They also need to be sealed at the end to prevent breakage and damage. To seal your braids, part them into smaller sections and dip them in a bucket of hot water for about 30 seconds to a minute. This helps compact the braids and make them more difficult to untwist.

Having a professional do your African braids is a great option, but there are a few things you can do to create them at home. These include using a good quality comb and applying some moisture to your hair before you start braiding it.

For example, if you are going to be doing any bob braids, try doing them in two parts that are each a little longer than the other. This will give you the crinkled effect that makes African braids so cool!

Another thing you can do to help your braids last is to add some extra shine and moisture to them. A few drops of a nourishing oil or serum will do the trick.

This will make them last even longer, so you don’t have to worry about your hair becoming dry or frizzy. This will also help to keep your braids from getting loose and unraveling while you’re out and about.

If you are going to be wearing your braids in a bun, it is also a good idea to apply a bit of moisturizer to them. This will help to keep your hair soft and healthy, which will make it easier to style them into a bun or updo.

Lastly, you should brush your hair thoroughly before you begin braiding it. This will help to remove any knots and give your hair the right amount of texture.

Once your hair is completely clean and conditioned, you’ll be ready to start making the African braids. You should also be sure to use a shampoo that is safe for your hair.

You should also apply a leave-in conditioner to your hair to keep it moisturized. This will help to prevent breakage and dryness, which is a common issue for those with natural hair.

Then, you can part your hair in the middle and divide it into three sections. Each section is then woven into a braid.

Then, you can secure your braids with bobby pins and ribbons to give them that sleek and trendy look. This is a great style for those who want to try out braiding their hair for the first time.

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