Instagram is one of the most important social media platforms, and obtaining the blue checkmark on your profile can be a monumental achievement for your business. It helps build credibility and clout, and it can boost your audience and revenue. But getting verified on Instagram can take years of hard work and effort if you want to be successful, so it’s important to know exactly how to go about making a verification request.

Authenticity: To be verified, your account should represent an authentic person or business that is recognizable online and has a strong reputation in the public eye. To help verify your authenticity, add links to official website pages, a blog, and any other sources you can think of that prove your legitimacy.

Completeness: A verified Instagram account must be a legitimate, active account with a large following and high engagement rate (meaning you post frequently). You also need to fill out all the fields on your profile carefully, including bio, location, and photos. You should also include your full name and bio link on all of your other online profiles.

Notability: A verified Instagram account should represent a notable public figure, brand, or business that is highly searched and featured in multiple news sources. This will ensure that your account is considered credible by the Instagram team and that you are able to get verification approval quickly.

In the verification application, you can also add up to five links that show your notoriety. However, Instagram will not accept any paid or sponsored media content as part of your application.

A verification badge is not guaranteed, so it’s not worth spending time and energy attempting to earn it on your own. Rather, consider hiring a PR agency or publicist to handle your social media accounts and help you earn the coveted verification badge.

You can apply to be verified on Instagram through the Verify Your Profile page by visiting your profile and tapping on the Request Verification button. The verification request process is free and takes up to 30 days for Instagram to review. Once your request is submitted, you will receive a notification letting you know whether or not it has been approved.

Your verified blue checkmark will appear next to your account’s name on Instagram and in search results. It’s a sign that you have met all of the requirements for Instagram verification, and it will help keep you safe from fake and phony accounts.

Don’t forget to use the right hashtags when posting pictures and videos on your account. It’s essential to use tags that are popular on the platform, such as #instagood and #photooftheday, but don’t overuse them. Instead, try to use different hashtags that reflect the topics you post about.

The more unique your account is, the higher the chance that you’ll get verification approval. To make your account truly unique, you can mix up your theme with carousels and other visual formats to stand out from the crowd.

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