A table of tables in a word processor can be a useful tool for organizing information, displaying figures, and providing a place for text. There are three ways to add a table in Microsoft Word: one method uses a simple grid, another method allows you to draw a box with the pencil icon, and a third method creates a table of cells that are automatically organized as rows and columns.

The Grid Method

To create a table of tables with a grid, start by selecting the Insert tab and then the Table button in the Tables group. You can choose the number of rows and columns needed from a drop-down menu or use the numbers that appear on the grid. Once you’ve chosen the size, click or press Enter to add the table to your document.

The grid method is the easiest way to add a table, but it doesn’t provide as many options for formatting as other methods. To resize a table, select the cell height and width in the Tables Tools Layout tab (Rows and Columns group) or on the Format menu. You can also resize a table physically by moving your mouse over the vertical line that separates columns and double-clicking to change the cell’s width and height.

You can add a table of dividers with the Draw Table method or use the Convert Text to Table dialog box when you’re creating a new document in Word. The Convert Text to Table dialog box converts your data into a table and sets up the table’s layout. You can then edit and format the table however you want.

Tables are easy to format and change the appearance of, as long as you’re familiar with the tools that can make your table look just how you want it. You can resize the table, add borders and other effects, and change its style.

How to Set Tabs in a Table

A tabbed table is easy to set up, but it can cause problems when you want to adjust the size of individual cells. A better option is to create a Paragraph Style that holds these settings so you can apply them to all of the cells in the table.

How to Delete or Modify Table Cells

If you need to change the location of a table cell, it’s easier than you might think. To do this, click inside the cell and then use the mouse to move the table over the desired location. You can also right-click the cell and then click Insert or Delete from the popup menu.

How to Split and Merge Table Cells

If your table is too large, you can split it down the middle or split each cell in half. You can also merge a cell into a super-cell that spans multiple rows or columns.

How to Sort a Table

In the Tables Tools Layout tab, you can sort your table by name or by date. You can either choose Ascending or Descending order, or you can use the buttons on the right-hand side of the toolbar to sort a table in any direction. You can also use the buttons on the left-hand side of the toolbar to sort tables by a specific type of data, such as a date or an ID number.

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