If you’re looking to create a flyer to promote your business or event, Microsoft Word 2007 has the tools you need. You can use a template, modify the layout, and add some cool components to make your flyer stand out.

Step 1: Start New Document

To create a flyer in Word 2007, start by selecting “New” and clicking “Blank Document.” If you’re using a predesigned template, wait for the template to open before you select it. Once you’ve chosen your template, click “Create.”

Step 2: Orientation

In the Page Setup section of the ribbon, choose the orientation you want for your brochure. You can select “Portrait” to create a horizontal fold brochure or “Landscape” for a vertical fold brochure.

Step 3: Adjust the Size

Changing the size of your brochure is easy. Simply line up the cursor at one of the corners of the box that surrounds your image and drag it until you’re satisfied with its size. You can also use the scale bar to get an idea of how it will look at different sizes.

Step 4: Delete the Placeholder Text

When you’re creating a flyer, it’s important to keep the amount of text simple. This will allow people to easily scan the information and gain interest in what’s being presented. In addition, it’s helpful to center the text on the flyer so that they can read the whole thing from left to right.

Step 5: Edit Text

In MS Word 2007, you can change the font, size, and color of your text. You can also use italics or bold to highlight certain words and phrases. If you’re not comfortable making these changes, you can also choose a pre-made font for your flyer.

Step 6: Save Your Work

Once you’ve finished your flyer, save it on your computer. You can do this by printing it out or storing it on a flash drive, hard drive, or the cloud.

Step 7: Add Clip Art and Pictures

In addition to the wording on your flyer, you can also insert images, charts, and tables into it. You can even draw on your flyer to make it more interesting.

You can insert these graphics using the Insert tab on the Ribbon. If you’re creating a flyer that’s a bit larger, you can also use the SmartArt Graphics tab. There are many options to choose from, so it’s worth checking them out first.

Step 8: Printing Your Work

When you’re ready to print your flyer, select File > Print. In the Print window, select Properties and change the Pages per Sheet dropdown to 4 pages.

Once you’ve done that, you can print your work to produce four fliers on a single sheet of paper. You can also duplex your print job to make double-sided fliers. This will help to save you money on paper and ink.

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