A festive wreath for your door can make a real impact on your home during the Christmas season. With a little preparation and a few basic tools you can quickly and easily whip up a beautiful wreath that will be sure to impress your family and friends.

For a simple, classic look that won’t break the bank, go for fresh evergreen as your base. You can use branches or trimmings from your own tree, or ask for some fir or spruce from your florist. Then add a touch of green foliage like scots pine, rosemary or heather to really give it an eye-catching finish.

Add a splash of colour to your door with this fun and modern take on the traditional Christmas wreath. You’ll need a round wire wreath, florist wire and some coloured ribbons. Place your ribbons over the wreath so you can see through them to get a good idea of how they’ll look together. Secure the wreath to the wall using the floral wire.

To give your wreath a fresh look, you’ll need a spray of water every day. This will help to keep it looking bright and healthy, as well as preventing the stems from drying out. To ensure your wreath doesn’t dry out too much, you can store it in a cool place such as your garage or basement until you’re ready to hang it.

If you’re a keen gardener, you can try making your own wreath from fresh greenery that you forage yourself. It’s a great way to use up bits and pieces from your garden that would otherwise be thrown away.

You’ll need a wreath ring, scissors, green twine and florist wire. You’ll also need hardy and different textured foliage to fill out the wreath, such as spruce, ivory, evergreen oak and buxus.

For a more textured look, try wrapping your foliage with hessian. This is a very cheap and easy way to get a textured finish that looks just as gorgeous as a hand-made version.

Another alternative is to flitter your own greenery with canned flocking, available at many craft shops. Flocking creates a dense texture that is very pretty, and is an ideal solution if you’re unsure about your floral skills.

A pom-pom wreath is a wonderful way to bring in a new element of decoration to your front door, and it doesn’t take long to make. Sarah at Dwell and Dine has shown us how to make a beautiful white pom-pom wreath for only $20, and you can find plenty of other wreaths made with pom-poms on Pinterest.

For something a bit more sophisticated and elegant, why not use magnolia instead of pine? Magnolia leaves are a soft, pretty hue and don’t shed messy needles, so they’re perfect for your door.

If you’re planning to use your wreath as a centerpiece on your table, consider displaying it on a woven wire basket or wooden tray. This makes the wreath appear larger than it is, and the woven surface will hide the hanging wire.

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