A Christmas garland is a simple yet effective way to decorate around your home. It’s perfect for doorways and staircases, mantelpieces, shelves and even the front porch. And it’s a budget-friendly option that can be made from inexpensive baubles!

How to Make a Christmas Garland from Baubles

You can make a garland out of a variety of different baubles. This is especially helpful if you’re on a tight budget and can only afford to buy one type of bauble. This also makes it easier to create a unique look for your home as you can mix and match the colours and shapes of your baubles.

To make a garland from baubles, you will need a few supplies including baubles of mixed sizes and colours. You can find these at most discount variety stores and craft shops around Christmas time as well as online. You will also need wire, ribbon or twine to thread the baubles onto and some scissors.

Using a Christmas tree is one of the most common ways to use a garland, but you can also decorate with it in your other rooms around the house. You can make a simple bauble garland to loop around your tree or you can add greenery and add it to your mantelpiece, front porch or shelf. This is a great way to make a sparse tree look more full and to add an extra element of Christmas magic to your space!

If you want to make a garland out of baubles, it is important to ensure that you have enough space between the baubles. If you don’t allow enough space between the baubles, you will have to twist them tightly around your greenery which can cause them to fall off and not look as attractive.

To make your bauble garland more interesting, try adding pinecones, holly berries or other decorations between your baubles. You can even try alternating a bauble with a different colour of bauble to add some texture and interest.

You can even add some lights to your bauble garland to create an impressive display that looks even more magical at night! There are so many different types of lights to choose from, you’ll be able to find one that will match your decor perfectly.

Clusters of ornaments are another great way to add a pop of colour to your bauble garland. Simply attach bauble clusters to your faux Christmas garland or natural garland at regular intervals and add in other decorations such as sprigs of holly leaves, red berries, pine cones and fairy lights until you’ve achieved the perfect look.

This is a fun way to get creative with your Christmas decorations and it is also a great idea for hanging on walls, doorframes or staircases as they are much lighter than the other two handmade Christmas garlands mentioned above.

The best place to start is to gather a few pieces of evergreen. This can be a piece of tree, or you can gather some interesting foliage from the garden such as holly and rosemary. Then add a few sprigs of berries and pinecones and finish off with a bow. This will be a wonderful piece of decor that you can enjoy for years to come!

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